A New Paradigm for
Decontamination Efficacy

CleanService Group Ltd. (CSG), founded in 2013, is a solution provider and manufacturer of disinfection equipment. CSG is part of the Hofast Ltd. Group of Companies with their Headquarters at Wilerstrasse 2180 in 9230 Flawil, Switzerland.

Requirements for better, improved hygiene increasing steadily, we have strived for solutions to match today’s and anticipate tomorrow’s needs for proper air and surface decontamination. Therefore, we developed procedures within a multi-barrier approach (a “bundle strategy”) to reduce and control pathogen transmission.

We are committed to people’s health and wellbeing by increasing hygiene and improving the methodology to decontaminate the indoor environment. We focus on developing and marketing environmental friendly devices utilizing disinfectants which are biodegradable.

Our belief is that highest standards throughout the value chain, steady innovations, commitment to continuous improvement and a long-term relationship with our partners, customers and consumers will be key to shared success, thus protecting health, showing love to nature and serving society.

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