Infection prevention is not limited to sterile instruments and washed hands, the whole treatment environment and processes have to be taken into account, especially when vulnerable patients are involved.

Microorganisms brought in by staff and patients must be removed and inactivated periodically to reduce the contamination and infection risks. Surfaces which are touched multiple times while treatments are easily identified, all others are much harder to track and disinfect. These time consuming task could be done automatic and the potential risk from these low touch frequency surfaces could be eliminated by periodic 3D disinfections overnight. Depending on factors like the microbiologic spectrum, environmental conditions, patient and visitor traffic and vulnerability of the patient a daily routine disinfection is mostly recommended.

Our new next generation CleanCubes support these efforts in a timesaving and efficient way, adding the certainty of an automatic process, by providing an ideal distribution of disinfection liquids with its powerful jet and atomizing it in a very effective way.